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Mastering an Omnichannel Supply Chain 

Unlock business success with a perfected omnichannel supply chain. From real-time inventory to seamless returns, discover the keys to customer satisfaction and ROI.

Retail consulting powered by real industry experience, driven by specialist teams and dedicated experts.

With a collective retail experience of 100+ years, we don't just understand problems, we solve them. Pairing our extensive industry knowledge with a transformative data science and machine learning approach, we create and apply tailored, innovative solutions for businesses worldwide. 


Tailored offerings from concept to consumer, we are perfectly positioned to help you transform how you manage your most important asset: inventory.

By combining powerful data science capabilities and deep industry knowledge, we help you transform your operating model from analogue to digital to drive improving trading economics across these five key areas:

What we do
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Founded in 2011, TPC built itself on the principles of expert knowledge, honest advice delivered by small, dedicated teams for fair value. Today, it continues to grow, servicing clients across the world.

“TPC have been a driving force in helping us develop a long term pricing vision while at the same time providing real, actionable solutions that delivered significant in year margin benefits. The team brought a wealth of industry knowledge and subject matter expertise but what sets TPC apart is their uniquely collaborative approach to working with all levels of the business making potentially difficult change feel like a team effort. The team understood our business and truly cared about improving it.”  
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Let's work together!

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