Organisational Change

Importance of Organisational Change 
TPC understands how critical organisational change is for the success of any project. That's why we have invested in the leading organisational change specialist: Change 4 Growth. 
Our Capabilities
For more than 15 years, Change 4 Growth has delivered solutions that create meaningful, lasting improvements in employee engagement and organisational culture, creating happier, more productive employees and stronger leaders. Below are the key areas which have resulted in a highly effective and successful business transformation.

Organisational Change

Transformational change in an organisation is never easy and often very complex. Our team of experienced consultants have helped numerous organisations navigate their change journey and we’re here to help you too. Unlike many of our competitors, we recognise that each organisation faces unique challenges and we specialise in providing customised solutions that will help empower your employees to do their best, most profitable work.

Culture Alignment & Engagement

Culture matters. A happy employee is a productive employee, and the right environment stokes the fires to create high-performing and passionate team members. We can help you build a healthy culture from the ground up to further stimulate the positive results you’ve been cultivating. From the ground floor to the leadership team, we work to ensure your people are aligned and operating at the highest level.

Leadership Development

Our partners Change 4 Growth has extensive, practical experience of how to help leaders better meet the increasingly demanding role of transformational and organisational change. From aligning culture and structure to vision and strategy to the full and productive engagement of everyone in the department, function or entire company – we know how to support you to get the best from the best. 

Project Delivery & Support

Major and transformational change – any form of step change - needs meticulous management and control combined with the ability to turn on a dime (agile project delivery). Change 4 Growth is here to support your organisation with our talented pool of Project Managers and Business Analysts. 

Change 4 Growth has been an integral partner to American Eagle Outfitters and is involved throughout the organisation on multiple projects, spanning multiple functions within the organisation that are making both technology and business process changes. Their ability to quickly adapt to project requirements, as well as providing leadership at all levels of our organisation, has been a tremendous asset to AEO. From interfacing with overseas vendors and supply chain entities to providing change management, communication and training throughout the enterprise, Change 4 Growth delivers with excellence.  We are extremely pleased to have Change 4 Growth as a trusted vendor partner.”  



—  Michael Rempell, EVP & COO, American Eagle Outfitters