Planning & Supply Chain

Importance of Planning  
In the omnichannel world, effective merchandise planning is more crucial than ever. With increasing complexity, dimensions, and customer expectations, a need for a more flexible and intelligent way of clustering information for data-led insights has evolved. To properly align planning with business goals, new up to date planning systems need to be put in place.
Here at TPC, we recognise that the system is only a part of the solution. The greater value lies in the business processes supporting them, and the approach to planning the merchandise offer and bringing it to market. Whether you need a guide on software implementation or want to encourage your team on best practice planning, TPC specialises in advising organisations within the retail industry, helping them to reach their goals by combining our broad experience with a collaborative working approach.


Our Offerings
With many years of experience in Planning and Supply Chain, we are here to help Retailers of all business models and product types, from large-scale multinational operations all the way to domestic mid-tier category specialists.

Merchandise Financial Planning

Get the right stock, in the right place, at the right time. Here at TPC, we know how to simplify this complex task.
We can help you implement your business financial targets down to a category plan for buyers. We have extensive expertise in dealing with multichannel supply chain and logistical challenges. This provides us with insights to define an operating model tailored to your exact requirements. Finally, we help you leverage the requirements from your operating model to choose best-in-class software for simplifying financial planning and achieving maximum stock performance.

Assortment Planning (AP)

Use the power of data-driven insights to fill your range with the right products. We can advise you on how to best obtain correct and timely information needed to enhance your buying process. This would allow you to make more informed decisions based upon the needs of your consumers. This process can be enhanced by 3D Digital Planning to give you the ability to better visualise the final assortment. Let us support you in optimising your current and future goals.


Often overlooked in apparel retailing, an optimised sizing mix for your buy can dramatically improve your availability, stock holding and bottom line. Using our unique data-led approach with Smart tooling logic, we enable you to automate and optimise the size mix in real-time. Contact us to learn more about how our data science strikes the important balance of having availability for all your customers' shapes and sizes, without leaving too much stock out for clearance at the end of the season.

Forecasting & Replenishment (F&R)

Ensure you are always best maintaining availability and minimising the threat of overstock and understocks for your company. TPC can show you how AI and Machine Learning can elevate the accuracy of your F&R forecasts. We can help you make sure that you have the right amount of stock in the right place to satisfy channel based demand. 

Allocation & Replenishment (A&R)

Stock in the incorrect location can result in poor availability, overstocks, and reverse logistics costs. Our data-led insights, combined with your A&R logic, can determine the most efficient and profitable method for locating stock. Manage constrained allocations using AI data-backed insights and feel confident in making, what would normally be, difficult decisions.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Effective end to end planning needs to be underpinned by high-quality BI. Are you tired of manually interrogating multiple reports to uncover insights that you need? We can guide you on how to generate insights from historical and predictive data that can inform all the key decisions you need to make throughout the planning, allocation and replenishment process.  ​
 Our team offer deep Planning & Supply Chain expertise to support the full range of planning needs covering strategy, capability design and full process and software implementation.

TPC stand out as business partners because they really ‘get it’ from a commercial and brand perspective - their combination of real-world retail / online experience with strong consulting and data skills quickly added great value to both our stock planning and pricing projects. TPC recognises that implementing a stock planning system is not an ‘IT Project’ but a business process and change management endeavour too. The fact that they quickly gained the respect of all the buying and merchandising teams meant that the resulting WSSI system and planning process had great user engagement and satisfaction -   just as vital to achieving the expected benefits as the system itself.”  



—  Susan Millin, Chief Brand and Product Officer, Charles Tyrwhitt