Strike Team

Digital Revolution
The Digital Revolution is here! From concept to consumer, more so now than ever,  it is important to look at your supply chain and understand how to mitigate risk and impact through the use of technology.


With 3D Create processes, your team can review concept samples, market samples, fit samples, and perform sales meeting – all digitally.  You may have accepted that there will be delays within your physical supply chain, but you may not have considered how digital could resolve these problems. 
Our Offerings
We have spoken with companies who are scaling their efforts to support teams working remotely and using the “virtual review model”. We feel that this is an opportunity to solve many of your current business problems while, at the same time, showing the value and building momentum for 3D Create.
At TPC we have pulled together a 3D Strike Team to support companies in creating digital assets, where they are not able to receive or review physical samples. Additionally, we provide advisory support on how to optimize digital assets and make decisions on how to use them throughout your existing business process. This will enable you to avoid delays within your supply chain.
We have great talent in house like for example content creator, trainer and educator, Chelsea Snyder. Depending on your needs upon your needs, there are multiple ways in which this can be approached.
Please get in contact for further details on how to avoid delays within your supply chain.