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How to access on-demand specialist skills through Service Augmentation

Retailers navigating smaller budgets, rising demands and resource shortages need to explore why Service Augmentation is the way forward to stay afloat in these testing times. The continued strains from the global pandemic and the challenges to consumers around the cost-of-living crisis have made the retail environment very fragmented and unstable. Budgets for internal investment have shrunk significantly over the past few years, leading to job cuts. Today, businesses need to consider a flexible, cost-effective approach to securing resources. Service Augmentation is an excellent example of this.

Increasing your capacity with a cost-effective solution

Big budgets are often required to expand your internal teams. However, a cost-effective solution like Service Augmentation, which enhances your teams' capabilities and capacity, could be the more effective answer to the situation. By using Service Augmentation, businesses can save money and time by not having to hire full-time specialists for every project. Additionally, Service Augmentation provides a level of flexibility that is not possible with traditional hiring methods. Cut out the lengthy paperwork and prohibitive costs associated with bringing full-time employees into the company and invest in specialised skill sets that not only fill your resource gaps but also upskill your existing resources.

Developing your internal teams' skills is a valuable opportunity not to be missed

Having a network of experts who operate Service Augmentation can offer valuable retail experience. Service Augmentation consists of senior-level consultants and partnerships with years of valuable industry experience and proven best practices which will support your workforce. This hiring approach works well for businesses that need to upskill employees but are unsure what resources to trust and invest money and time in.

There are many economic challenges upcoming over this next year and the need to introduce strong, highly skilled teams is needed now more than ever.

To support business agility, retailers must adjust and learn a new way of working, supporting a flexible approach to accessing relevant skills, resources, and talent.

How can Thought Provoking Consulting help you with Service Augmentation?

Our Service Augmentation hires upskill and grow your in-house teams on flexible timelines, with flexible deliverables. Only use their expertise when you need it. We have a proven methodology at TPC, with a vast network of experts and years of experience in the retail industry. Our Service Augmentation offer connects you to leading specialists across product development, planning, merchandising operations, supply chain and delivery in program, project, and change management.



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