3D Digital Transformation

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From concept to consumer 
As the first retail consulting firm in the apparel industry ever to implement 3D digital from concept to consumer, you are in safe hands with TPC. Customers include PVH, VF Corp, Lululemon and Carters Childrenswear.
If you’re currently on this digital journey, we can support you to accelerate project streams and show you how 3D digital can be leveraged throughout your organisation. It all starts by creating a clear roadmap with the capabilities required for future success.



Our Offerings
We are here to provide you with unbiased advice on your 3D transformation journey. From establishing your initial goals, securing business change readiness, identifying the best third-party vendors, all the way to post-implementation support we are here to help. Part of the discovery phase is to establish where the most benefit lies for you. Whether that's a full process transformation or a single area presently, we have the expert team to ensure you maximise the potential of 3D at your business


We can help you implement a full 3D planning transformation so that you can plan for customer centricity and enjoy: 
  • Reduced line volatility by 50%
  • Increased assortment creation speed by up to 25%
  • Potential increased sell-through by 1%-5%
To learn more about how these benefits can be achieved through best practice 3D planning contact us.


Join the 3D revolution and start creating with true agility. With our support, increase connectivity with your consumers, design closer to market, and reduce line volatility. Enjoy the benefits of 3D at scale with:
  • Improved first prototype approval rate by 80% 
  • Reduction in late adds by 50%
  • Shortened prototype turnaround time from weeks to days


Eliminate or reduce waste in the product creation and sampling process while saving money. Dramatically reduce physical sample and photography costs by 50% or more through the use of digital samples. Enable customisation via a 3D digital manufacturing process. We can help you unlock weeks or months in your product process, plus improve factory communication.


Communicate clearly store layouts and merchandising goals via 3D Plan-O-Grams. Validate the consumer experience and elevate brand visuals with photorealistic retail and marketing visuals. Make changes and capture customer orders at the touch of a button. Reduce physical showroom space by as much as 75% via 3D virtual showrooms

Our passion for 3D doesn't stop there, with a dedicated team of 3D advocates we have experience in exciting topics such as 3D fit, standardisation of measures, and catwalk design. Please get in touch with us for any industry-related questions or collaboration opportunities.
Accelerators & Enablers
TPC understands the importance of getting started and scaling digital efforts in order to maintain business continuity. We offer accelerators within large digital transformation programs, which includes; 3D Strike Teams, Training and Support, Digital Standards, and Factory On-Boarding.
We want to enable you to integrate 3D digital into your company’s core capabilities and offer bespoke packages. Please contact us here for more information.
A driving force for our passion for 3D is its potential to save the environment, not only its ability to save retailers time and money. We work with retailers who believe in the triple bottom line: measuring their financial, social, and environmental performance.
To help you quantify the waste involved in the product creation process and determine how 3D processes can reduce this waste, TPC created the open-source 3D Digital Sustainability Calculator. It helps you quantify Environmental Sustainability Benefits and Sustainability Financial Cost Savings. For example, by swapping out 10,000 physical prototypes for digital ones you could be reducing 812 T of Carbon Dioxide annually...or the equivalent CO  emitted by 1727 cars for a whole year! For more comparisions like this check out the calculator for yourselves.